Farming Mohair For Profit

The market for mohair is now hugely undersupplied. At its peak, worldwide mohair production reached 24 million kg per annum. Today it is just under 3 million kg. This supply shortage means that the return on mohair is now about 3 times higher than sheep’s wool — a huge opportunity for anyone wishing to enter the industry.

Latests Price Update For Fleece

Top Grade Kid

$ 32 .00
Per Kg


$ 28 .00
Per Kg

Young Goat

$ 21 .50
Per Kg


$ 17 .50
Per Kg

Our goal is to grow New Zealand’s mohair industry, and keep producers up to date with the latest industry news and trends.

Invest in a Profitable Future

Whether you are new to the industry or looking for an exciting way to increase the profitability of your farm or lifestyle block. We are here to help. Simply contact any of the farmers for an introductory booklet or to arrange a personal one to one induction.