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Angora Mating

There are many differing opinions on the best practices for mating. The most common two are based on either the ages or weights of the goats.

Some farmers may wait until their does are 12-14 months of age before putting them to a buck for the first time, although some may wait until they are two years old, so that the does will be larger in size.

Other farmers will base the mating ability of does on their weight, as body weight determines the does reproductive cycle times. A minimum body weight of 27-28kgs is preferred.



Angoras will naturally come into season in late summer or early autumn and be active up to April or May.

The signs of seasonal sexual activity of Angora’s can be obvious. Once the does have begun their reproductive cycle they will wag their tails constantly, will mount other Does, and are restless and excitable. The buck will then start spraying his own urine all over his head and front legs, exuding a very strong characteristic buck odour, as this can increase sexual appeal between the sexes.

Prior to mating, some farmers will place their bucks in an adjoining paddock to the does they wish to mate, as the smell form the bucks will begin the does reproductive cycle (if it had not already started).


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