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Angora Mating

This is one subject that all breeders are not always in agreement on. Some will always try to get their Hoggets to 12-14 months before putting them to the Buck. If they have not reached a good body weight they will not cycle. Many people will leave their Hoggets until they have reached two years of age, this gives some of the smaller ones a better chance to grow. I see no problem with mating your Hoggets as long as they are well grown. The body weight of 27-28kgs is found to be a good mating weight.

Angoras will naturally come into season in late summer or early autumn and be active up to April or May. Some consider it a good practice, once you have decided when you are going to put out your Bucks, to try and have them run in the paddock next to the Does you wish to mate. If the Does have not already begun to cycle, then this usually gets them going.

The seasonal sexual activity of Angora’s is very obvious, so I hope that experienced farmers will allow me to explain this to the newcomers. The Does, when cycling, wag their tails constantly and will mount other Does, and are restless and excitable. The Buck will start that habit of spraying his own urine all over his head and front legs. His normal non-odorous body exudes a very strong characteristic Buck goat odour, which apparently attracts the Does to him. He really thinks that the urine he sprays all over himself becomes irresistible perfume to the Does, in fact Angoras have very little odour at all and are much less smelly in the shed than sheep.

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