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From the Chair

Welcome to the Mohair New Zealand (MNZ) website and as the chairperson I suggest you spend some time getting to know the site and maybe even call a mohair farmer or two as listed on the website for a chat? So please grab a cuppa as you work your way around our wonderful website and the producers within.

My wife, Kimberly, and I have been farming angora goats for over five years in Warkworth, an hour north of Auckland.  Now even though there have been some low points on our journey the upside of farming these amazing animals far outweighs any tough days we have had.

Another highlight has been the vast amount of knowledge and experience amongst the producers and their willingness to assist other producers along the way, including us. There is little doubt without that great support we may not have survived as angora farmers. I applaud these producers for their willingness to take this industry forward and be so helpful and supportive for new producers. This is unlike many industries.

Angoras are a great animal and produce a very high class specialised fleece that is second to none.  They all have their own personality and have proven to outsmart me on a number of occasions where in a past life a sheep never had that pleasure! Now some people may argue that is not a hard feat to achieve! Even so I welcome you to go meet some angoras and spend some time with them. I have little doubt you will be hooked.

With recent genetics and producers all working hard to move the industry forward there has been great progress over the years with average fleece weights and prices paid increasing year on year.

For our small flock of 200 odd our average price for 2019 was $26.25/kg with the top price of $40/kg. Clipping anywhere from 2kg to 2.5kgs twice a year soon shows you the value that can be gained from angoras. In a time where sheep farmers are burning wool  I strongly suggest you look long and hard at the mohair industry and at the very least talk to a producer to two and maybe even get to a farm?

Issues with feet continue to decrease, even though worm burden remains a concern things appear to be improving with new genetics coming on board. With our fleece moving into the higher bracket and we expect to see out average price lift again. Even more so that we have culled out some very old goats and have now moved onto the forth generation with even better returns.

So jump onboard and come along for the ride and, as an industry, we welcome feedback. I look forward to meeting you one day to discuss all things goats if you decide to come along on the journey with us in what is a fantastic industry with great people.

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