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Mohair – Fetching 3x more than sheep’s wool!

The market for mohair is now hugely undersupplied. At its peak, worldwide mohair production reached 24 million kg per annum. Today it is just under 3 million kg. This supply shortage means that the return on mohair is now about 3 times higher than sheep’s wool — a huge opportunity for anyone wishing to enter the industry.


Top four reasons to farm Angora

  1. Huge world-wide shortage of mohair
  2. Make money off lifestyle block
  3. Easy to include into your existing farm
  4. Bred for NZ conditions


Did you know?

  1. Goats can help improve the overall quality of your pasture as well as boosting the productivity of your stock.
  2. Huge improvements in genetics make angora goats a realistic investment.  


Current Prices

From the Board

“The inherent function of the Mohair NZ board is “Farmers speaking for farmers”. The board acts on behalf of MNZI’s members and its specific functions includes to:

  • Be an authoritative, professional and credible voice for its members at local, national, and international levels;
  • Protect the collective interests of its members;
  • Promote Mohair production and build reputation, and;
  • Present transparent and consistent communications regarding MNZI’s business on a regular basis.

Meet the board

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