Marie Firth

Hello, I am Marie Firth.

I live between Tauranga and Kati Kati in the Bay of Plenty. I farm around 150 Angora goats on 8 hectares. I also have 8-10 white-faced heifers for about 6 months each year to chew the pasture down.

My husband Rex and I started farming goats in 1985 with 12 feral Does and an Angora buck kid. When the Angora Buck Performance scheme started in 1997 we became enthusiastic participants.

This changed our attitude to the farmability of Angoras completely. I never clip buck’s feet,and seldom clip Does, and then only when they are lame. Any female that gets a sore foot more than 2 times in a year is not bred from and when it is big enough is culled to the works.

The adults are parasite drenched 2-3 times a year. Because we have selected for easy to farm animals I am able to continue to farming Angora goats when my friends are deciding which retirement village they would like to move to!!

I welcome visitors and anyone interested in farming Angoras.

Please come and have a friendly nosey.