Jackie and Grant Freeman

We are Jackie and Grant Freeman, owners and directors of Mohair Pacific Ltd. http://www.mohairpacific.nz.

Mohair Pacific Ltd are buyers, brokers and exporters of fine New Zealand mohair situated 10 minitues from Rangiora in Canterbury.

Our back ground in the mohair industry began over 10 years ago with having an interest in natural fibres and farming animals. We bought our first lifestyle block and started breeding our own angora goats with present numbers at  60.

Jackie is currently warehouse representative on the national mohair board,  Mohair New Zealand and a committee member of Mohair Producers Canterbury where she writes a small local magazine Canta-caprine.

Grant is currently treasurer and Vice President of Mohair Producers Canterbury Inc. He is fully involved in local A&P shows promoting the mohair industry. After years of farming angora goats we have developed our own philosophy.

Our philosophy is simply to take the time to observe and understand the needs of the angora goat and to enjoy the realtionship of farming these very intellingent and delightful animals.