Ohuka Farms Ltd Autumn Pool 2016

Ohuka Farms Ltd autumn pool 2016 closed on 14th May and payment to producers was made on 20th June.

This was a pool that was watched with interest as this was the first time that “weaving” lines were presented for sale from superfine kid to fine adult hair. Characteristics were a length over 115 mm and superior style and character, indicative of a tight standard of fibre diameter. Based on a description by John and a core bale sample measurement the weaving mohair was purchased, sight unseen, at a 10% average increase over comparable a lines .

John has stated that “I believe even further premiums can be expected” once the buyer has had a look at what is available in New Zealand. We look forward to any feedback that we may receive from our buyer .

Thanks must go to Mohair New Zealand for arranging the visit by GT Ferriera and the sense of direction he gave to those who attended the 2016 AGM in his presentations and also to John Woodward who took those ideas and encouraged all producers who were supplying fibre to become involved and for his efforts in the warehouse to present lines attractive to our buyers.
At a 10% increase in price this more than covers your voluntary 2% levy on weaving fibre.

This is your levy in action .
We will be watching with interest to see what results Mohair Pacific will be able to obtain from their buyers for weaving fibre when their autumn pool is sold.

Ohuka Farms Ltd — Autumn 2016 Pool Prices


There has been some inquiry through the Mohair New Zealand survey for economic returns for mohair goats to be made available . There has been no “official ” study that has been undertaken recently to detemine this so for those who want some idea what other producers are achieving I have included the results from our flock in Taranaki for Autumn 2016 . Be aware that this was the first time weaving fibre was classed and due to the circumstances surrounding that decision only the kid fibre was shorn with the knowledge that we could possibly increase the value of the clip .
Shorn at 5 months of age there was 49.9kgs of weaving fibre and 57.5 kgs of A length fibre in the Super Fine Kid classed fibre.

Doe Kids 1.39kgs valued at $41.44/head
Wther Kids 1.55kgs valued at $47.35/head
(all classed into the superfine lines )
3rd Shear Does 2.6kgs valued at $56.23/head
3rd Shear Wthers 3.02kgs valued at $62.71/head
5th Shear Does 2.41kgs valued at $46.63/head (rearing kids)
7th Shear Does 2.29kgs valued at $44.80/head (rearing kids)
9th Shear Does 2.34kgs valued at $45.17/head (rearing kids)
All gross figures —Nett return $20.16 /kg over all fleece presented (warehouse charges and MNZ levies out )

At the Mystery Creek Field Days the Mohair New Zealand stand saw solid interest in the potiential in mohair production and it will be interesting to see how much of this translates into more farmers farming more mohair goats in the next few seasons .

I hope the winter is going well , your does are all in kid and everyone is looking forward to striving towards producing even greater quantities of weaving fibre next year .

Regards Lynne Milne

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